Paedophile aspect of my journey.

A biographical account of my experiences

encountered within the care avenues of the drugs field,

leading me down warrens hidden deep beneath a veil of ‘care’ , into realms of paedophile rings , occult practices , gang stalking, and trauma based mind control.

Only to find that all avenues for justice are closed off with red tape.

I also give my overall view of the picture beneath the veil

and some solutions uncovered.

Along with the many poems I wrote in moments of grief and enlightenment.

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This Site covers the vast array of areas I experienced on my journey to where I am today.
I have divided the multiple aspect into sections. At the top of this page the topic area covered  can be accessed and a pull down is available for sub-sections on that topic.
This section being the Paedophile aspect of my journey.

In addition, to enable the reader to access their desired topic area of interest,

I have provide links below to the other topic areas I cover

This current site is made up of
                          9 sites
                                   differentiated by the use of numbers.

higherinsight covers : Crack Cocaine and other drugs

higherinsight1 covers : Who I am

higherinsight2 covers : The Paedophile aspects of my                                                                                               journey

higherinsight3 covers :The Mind Control aspects of my                                                                                             journey
higherinsight4 covers : The Gang stalking and Surveillance                                                                aspects of my journey

covers:   De-programming 

covers : The matrix and beyond

 higherinsight7 covers ; Poetry and art written on my                                                                                                  journey

higherinsight8 covers :  Publications

 I have also re-opened a new Website that                                                                                                        covers  
                  Gang stalking/T.I.s
                          Government Mind Control ,
plus I have recently been working on a page expanding more on

The Matrix and Beyond,,,
                                and simultaneously 
                                             building a page on
                              Gay, Trans and the Mind Control agenda

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 I am a specialist in working with Women Crack-cocaine users. In 1997 I set up an independent service, Higher Insight, to provide counselling and support to Women Crack-cocaine users. Consequently I collided with the child abuse syndicate hidden within the British 'care' system via a client. As a result I was forced to make moral choices. And was squashed by the powers that be, via systematic oppression , because i chose to save the child. The child saved, my career ended, and threats to her Mother’s life resulting in us living together as a family. I then went on to witness/ learn of gang stalking and occult practices that were being used endlessly against the Mother and child. For 5 years we experienced this along with constant threats from social services, health workers and Education authorities to take the children away; on grounds created by the distortion of the truth we spoke; they seem to have support from all statutory bodies, from Police and Chief Executives for Boroughs right up to Tony Blair and beyond. Through a determined effort to understand why I went on to learn the child had undergone ‘Trauma based mind control programming’, commonly known  now as MK Ultra.