Occult aspects in the case of the Paedophile ring hidden in the British Care System

There were other aspects to this case that I have omitted from the earlier piece
I have written. The reasons I did this are many. but firstly and fundamentally I did not want sceptical people whom may read it and dismiss it because they disagreed with my perception of other aspects of the case , that are often unprovable but makes clearer what is truly going on.
I will try and cover these aspects by following the same time line structure, I used before to enable you to cross reference.

Occult aspect in the case of the paedophile ring hidden in British Care System
(part 7 of 9)

The first issue was the mother didn’t make sense
, I had previously worked with around 2000 crack –cocaine users and I was able to fit them into 6 categories ;not because I wanted to but because it became simple to do. I was in the process of writing a book to help users stop and the 6 types were to be outlined within that, therefore when this client arrived demonstrating to me that what I thought I knew I didn’t. There were obviously 7 types and I needed to learn more. She behaved like a 24/7 user, spinning, hyper, mind erratic, hard to have a consistent flow to conversation to gather case history from. Yet she hadn’t been using and hardly ever did. In addition her use was unnatural for a crack user .the nature of crack is that a user has one and this leads to a stronger desire for more. Yet with this client she didn’t even want to finish a whole piece, of crack. It obviously wasn’t a drug suited to her, it made her too manic and from what I could see she was already ‘naturally’ that way. She needed calming down;

 I had to therefore stop writing my book until I understood this 7th type, which I had never come across before. In addition I remembered teaching her weight training at the project I had prior worked in and used to tell the staff there she was definitely using crack. I had worked so long with users I could sense them. But the staff informed me she said she wasn’t using. And at a later point she informed me she wasn’t using crack at all then.

So something wasn’t right with this case.

Now she was before me saying they had her daughter and her crack use did not explain her mess. It was like all her life was in pieces. Each question I asked I got bits of answers on, and her memory was not instantly available, a lot of the time. It was like I had to probe to access, sometimes horrific truths. I was often left wondering ‘how could you forget that?’ I asked at the time and she said she just blocked it out of her mind.
Now as said elsewhere I had previously held a lot of power with social services. If I recommended things for clients etc they would always listen, saying if Lou says so let’s go with what Lou wants. Yet after I managed to get from the client who the social worker was I contacted them to arrange an appointment to plan a way forward. But they were obstructive and it took about a month for us to meet with them. And even then it wasn’t a meeting; they wanted but occurred due to them not arranging any contact for the mother with her daughter.

By the time the meeting happened the mother had been clean of crack and it was obvious as she had gained weight her skin looked healthy she was calm and collected no longer spinning. Yet the social worker looked at her with disgust and contempt. She told me social services would never give the child back, so I told her I would fight her all the way for there was no reason for the child not to be returned.
Normally I had experienced social workers and guardian adlitums, eager to visit me to discuss ways forward. But with this case no one approached me.

I had previously worked running after school clubs for a guy who was the chair of social services he also run a very large community service for young people. I went to see him regarding the case and told him how they were behaving. By this stage the case was in the high courts. Asking for the mother to be assessed and the child returned but social services and the gaaudiun were refusing to entertain it. He said oh leave it with him. He was due there for a meeting that day. Soon after the mother was invited to a case conference they even sent her a form for her to fill out of what she wanted from the meeting.

We attended; but here each person introduced themselves , and a social worker stated he name , (which was a very unusual double barrelled last name), I had previously met a social worker going by that name whom I would say was British born, west Indian . But this social worker was African. And looked nothing like her. She was fat and ugly, whereas the West Indian one I had previously met was attractive and quite fit. I therefore stated you are not her. She replied yes I am. I said no I have met her before and you are not her. She assured me she was, now remembering me and telling me she had changed her hair style. I ignored this issue and got on with the meeting. After this whenever she was present she always made a point of pretending to be friendly towards me, like we knew each other. The social worker she was claiming to be was a manager in a different catchment area, of the same borough. After the case conference the guardian adlitum managed to come and see me. She asked amongst other thing s whom I knew in social services. I told her the chair. She shook my hand and said keep up the good work, and left.

After this I was informed the chair had been forced to resign, basically I was told they told him he had to choose between being the chair and running his service. but couldn’t any longer have both. His service was his baby in a sense and he had built it from scratch so he resigned from being the chair. Consequently the service the mother received returned to one of obstruction and it became very hard to arrange contacts with the child.

I would come to the contacts with her, to take photos and video and witness. On one occasion the social worker was one I already knew, although this time she had a different name. I pointed it out; she acted like she had just changed it. It was interesting as previously I had met her whilst I was training the whole social worker team for the involved catchment area. I had remembered her as coming across as a caring social worker, and not showing the ignorance some showed. I had consequently after the training even had a client allocated to her and had told her she was a good worker. I was pleased to see her, I told her of the obstruction and she responded ‘if the child is meant to be returned she will’.

When the final contact at the nursery happened it was with a different social worker. This one had supervised most of the contacts. She seemed ok never really said much. Anyway I wasn’t present but the child wet herself and so the mother went to change her. Here she saw the vaginal area not looking right. She asked the social worker to witness it which she did. Although notes from this contact went missing but social services showed no concern
At the last supervised contact at the mothers home whilst the child was jumping on the bed the mother saw the chain around the child’s waist was rubbing her skin , looking for a clasp to undo she found it was sealed. She had seen it before after the child’s return from Ghana at the assessment. She had assumed it was some sort of jewellery. The social worker, a different one from above, told her to leave it, but the mother broke it and the child went into a trance like state of shock. Then after some moments behaved normal, but like she was free. (The notes for this contact also disappeared but no one was concerned).

The next day I visited the mother she told me what had happened, I asked to see the chain. It was a cheap metal chain, like jewellery cheap!

I said to keep it as evidence, but not in the home, we took in somewhere to store. On the journey I felt flu like symptoms, thought nothing of it, just oh I don’t feel well. Gonna have to look after myself. I had the chain in my pocket. I placed it somewhere outside in nature, but in a container that happened to be containing rain water. Thinking nothing other than it will be safe here. On placing the chain in a container the flu symptoms’ immediately disappeared I therefore associated them with the chain now.

The child then started contact at the mothers home unsupervised. A case meeting was arranged to occur at the mother’s home. I have never known for this to happen before but this is what they required. So it was accepted. Just days prior to this meeting another strange situation occurred. The mother whilst going into her underwear draw saw there was some garlic been placed there. She told me and it seemed odd. We decided to look through the rest of the house, for things that may have been placed there. In the cupboard in the hall we found an old net curtain that had been in her elder son’s window /room when she had lived at a previous address with him. She had not brought it with her; it had most definitely been placed there. In the bathroom she had a small cabinet inside we found 2 crack pipes that she had previously made at her previous home. This previous home she had lived in 2 years prior. We drove away to put the pipes in a rubbish bin elsewhere, and as she placed them in the bin she said she felt a stabbing pain in her chest.

Either someone was trying to bring thoughts of black magic come to mind or they were practicing it for real.

I only understood occult magic in a limited way. I spoke with various people I knew, who knew a little more on it. But still was ignorant to its ways.

Once the child was allowed un supervised contact the mother had to collect and return the child. The dates and times were different for the mother than they were for the carer so much obstruction was the result. On returning the child each time the child would scream and cry she didn’t want to go back, it was very painful for both the mother and child, she could only reassure her she would soon come and live with her.

The mother expressed this to the guardian adlitum, but she dismissed it saying she would be very concerned if the child had no attachment to carer after being with her 3 years.

Also there was a large mark on the child shoulder she saw it when she showered the child. But the social worker claimed they looked at her shoulder and it was ok. The scar was quite large about 3cm long and 2cm wide.

Soon after the child was returned another strange incident occurred. The child was free to do as she liked and this seemed to be causing her conflict. She would go from playing with the mother’s microphone for seconds then to putting the telly on, for maybe a minute then back to mic. She repeated this pattern over and over like she didn’t know what to do. We just played along with what ever she wanted. But it was like she couldn’t decide. Then all of a sudden she stood in the doorway and screamed. After which a large lump of jelly-like stuff, brown in colour came up out o her mouth, from her stomach. About the size of one’s hand. I cleared it away and she seemed fine after that.

Regarding the chain around her waist, throughout the time of increased contact we sometimes drove to a Mc Donald’s to eat with her. If the mother took her to the toilet; only at Mc Donald’s the child would ask where is the chain?

On her return the carer who showed contempt for the child and mother said ‘careful they don’t take her back for being underweight’, and yes low and behold the child was extremely hard to feed.

She was 3 years old but had to be fed, or she would just sit with her food. Prepared to feed her ;she still ate so slowly, it would take extreme patience to make sure she ate. She said yes she wanted the food, but she took forever to eat it. Like she didn’t want it. At a later point the child told me she did want it, but just couldn’t eat it. Didn’t know why.

I had worked with children for many years and have a natural rapport with them. I was a naughty child myself so have a good understanding on rebellious behaviour, but this child did not make any sense to me. Her behaviour was very unusual; we found through trial and error that the promise of a reward would guarantee she wouldn’t do something. E.g. When you finished your food we will go to the park. Would result in a halting of eating completely. So any reward had to be unspoken and neutrality was the best way to get her to do things. But this made life extremely hard and demanded patience. Over time she was able to push herself to do things , and this was the best solution , but it was painfully slow to watch.

When she did attend nursery she was never allowed to bring out her art, although at the time it wasn’t obvious, she would just bring her picture and the teacher would say no not today. At the time we didn’t see the significance. At home she seemed to be struggling with art/creativity. She would draw rainbows, snakes and ‘evil eyes in the belly’, which I could never comprehend what they actually meant. They consisted of two black circles, that’s it. In addition to the very limited range of art on giving her paper she would scribble some little mark in the corner and tear it off and hand it to us, saying it was a receipt.

She after a few months , no longer at nursery was able to tell me the ‘Daddies’ had come into the nursery and told her to stop drawing , I therefore gave her A2 sheets to express herself on. Telling her you draw what you want.

Due to the cutting of her hair and nails I took on the task of home educating her. Still this was initially a struggle. For when she tried to read she would not be able to concentrate but through sheer perseverance on both our parts she in time became a book worm, reading anything with words. Loves to read.

Her art developed into a style of her own, very intricate patterns and much attention to detail.

Education visited and always was impressed with her academic ability. Saying she was very advanced and happy and confident.

The visits by education were rare, but consisted of the head of education for the borough a head teacher from a school. Both were near retirement age. As to why we needed 2 highly qualified visitors was never explained. Both the child and the mother said these women smelt bad, the mother said they smelt like dead goats. I have a poor sense of smell so I can’t comment.

They appeared friendly like all visitors, but would write subtle changes to what they said to us in person in their reports. Once I told them I drew stars on the children’s work, for marking. They asked to see what sort of stars I drew. They never inquired about the hair cutting. Just proceeded without any questions on such areas.

At a later date (years) the child told me she remembered the head of education reading children’s story at school and at nursery; which was in another borough.

For her second Christmas the mother bought the child a doll. As she had previously had one but it wasn’t returned with her and her mother said that doll was her favourite toy.

When she was returned the carer gave the mother a large suitcase full of little teddies and few cloths. The child didn’t seem to like the teddies at all, so they were thrown away. Through this new doll she demonstrated that abuse had taken place. She used to punch it in the face, bite its foot until it was absent, and sit with the doll on her lap and her hand up its dress. Or lay it down on the chair with its dress pulled up and its knickers down. The doll didn’t last long. And she later told me she didn’t like dolls nor teddies.

Her behaviour and conduct was very rude to people and anti social. Although to some people she behaved like a perfect little angel. So different people had different images of her.

The mis-behaviour had to be ignored as much as possible as any reaction would increase the mis-behaviour. It was very testing, but again in time she was able to get control over herself, she would swing from being nice one minute to angry and hostile the next, for no obvious reason. I found exercise helped her with these moods, so we walked a lot, and had many activities. Punch bags, swing ball, trampoline and much dancing to lift the spirit. Shift the energy.

Consequently the child has developed into a very independent and focused individual. Whom knows them self better than most. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Just before I finish I would like to add other strange things that I can’t explain that have occurred in this case.
I will outline prior happenings to build a structure of a build up to the event, Once the local health visitor came to my home, which was divided into flats, some one had let her in, she knocked at my door, I went out and she asked was the mother there, this was before we moved house and so we were under no obligation to accommodate her visit. I shut my door behind me and asked her to leave my premises telling her she was trespassing and please leave, I led the way. She continued trying to ask me question, and I repeatedly told her she was trespassing and to leave. She left never to return.

But at a later date I passed her on foot on my way to the shops, she was pushing a buggy with a child. I walked on to the super market, there I went in the back entrance as it is the nearest, and as I walked through the shop she was walking towards me, without the child or buggy. She looked straight at me, and I thought I don’t know how you do what you do but I ain’t scared. It was ‘not possible’ for her to be there before me but she was. I told the mother and she said she had experienced similar with the carer, when she had once dropped off the child at her house , walked to bus stop and only one route, yet when she got there the carer was already standing there.

Often we would go places and along came a social worker dealing with our case. At shops and sometimes looky-likes at places miles away. There were many strange incidences like this but they are hard to express in a factual way, and can be dismissed as something else, so I will refrain from saying about them now.

Another strange thing happened in a pound shop, I was standing with the child looking at goods, and all of a sudden I just fell backwards, this has never happened to me before or since, as I got up from the floor I looked at the woman whom had been standing at my side and I smiled in embarrassment I suppose, but she just stared at me with contempt, making me think she was somehow responsible for my fall. On the bus home, I sat at the front upstairs and a woman with some sort of tasselled , witchcraft whippy thing, kept swishing it behind me , sometime it touched me, but I ignored it for people behaving strange around us was quite a common occurrence for some years after winning the case.

With regards to the professionals whom dealt with the case I would like to add some observation of strangeness in hope to validate the experiences of others under this sort of harassment.

I questioned throughout how could these professionals who claim to care behave so coldly and how come I couldn’t sense their agenda, it baffled me. I am a very experience psychologist and have worked with all types of people and my sensing of them has been one of my strongest abilities, yet these care professional were able to trick me every time, in the sense that they come across so sincere one can only believe what they are saying, whilst they spoke they was no sign of hidden agenda yet I was fully aware at those times they had a very sinister agenda, but no sense of it was present. How? I was puzzled and challenged. It was through using CCTV I was able to study them hard, they knew the camera was there, as when mother left the room, they would look at it and hand signal to another worker that the mother was mad, or new workers would point to it and old workers would acknowledge but shrug it off. As far as I know it is totally legal to have CCTV in your own home. And it did serve as a deterrent somewhat to their inciting behaviour. Also I used a Dictaphone, and I advise anyone under this sort of harassment to do the same. Through analysing the tapes I did discover that there are actual signs that they are not your ‘normal’ care professional, for I am a very friendly person, very smiley and pleasant, I’m not bigging up myself, but I think it is relevant, for it seemed my smilieness made their job difficult. Lol. They had to smile back in a sense to behave normal, and they did, but in the video it showed they couldn’t quite keep their smiles going, and the smiles turned to snarls, but only for a fraction or a second. Too fast for my eyes to see whilst interacting with them, but easy to see on video.

I also saw a social workers eyes turn yellow once, when she asked about the child’s education and I answered, I was shocked really and thought what was it that caused her eyes to go so, but quickly responded by shutting my mouth. The child told me she had often witnessed people’s eyes going yellow.

Which reminds me to also include here more information on the scare the child had on her shoulder, what I witnessed was sometimes it was there and other times not. Years later I asked the child did she remember the scare that was once there, she said yes, and then told me how she got it; she said they had a sharp knife that they cut her with there. Then, she demonstrated they circled it around her arm, once twice. I asked who did it , she described someone black, then proceeded to tell me they also cut her stomach on another occasion I asked was it same person and she said no and described a white man and a black woman . She later told me when I said how I witnessed the yellow eyes that when they cut her their eyes went yellow.

I know some people will dismiss what I am saying but I feel it is my responsibility to tell people my truth to try and help put an end to this inhuman incomprehensible yet common occurrence seemingly going on throughout the world.