Video's covering the Paedophile case and Anti Child Sex Abuse Movement

(part 1 of 9)
Paedophile ring hidden in the British Care System

(part 2 of 9)
Systematic oppression, Interception
/Interference in British paedophiles case

(part 3 of 9 )
Childs returned from care brought systematic harrassment: British Paedophile case

(part 4 of 9)
Statutory services collectively create case out of thin air; British Paedophile case

(part 5 of 9)
Tony Blair
 told of obstruction and failings by paediatricians; British Paedophile case

(part 6 of 9)
De-registration gained without justice and much intimidation;British paedophile case

(part 7 of 9)
Occult aspect in the case of the paedophile ring hidden in British Care System

(part 8 of 9)
Gang stalking aspects of the paedophile ring hidden within the British care system

part 9
British care system returned child programmed a mind control slave, deprograming was esential

Uk Rally against child abuse - the unheard truths

London Trafalgar square June 4 2011 .

Breaking the silence on MK Ultra programming ain't easy when your hidden

The Consequence of the Co Opted Truth Movement - Survivors speak out!

This clip is a live recording from Freedom Central's weekly radio broadcast on Finding Voices Radio. Following on from Freedom Central's expose of various factions of the co opted "Truth Movement", we have been contacted by victims and survivors of abuse by family and / or State / Social Services, and there is a much deeper story going on.